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The appearance of modern information resources primarily depends on the experience and talent of the designer, the ability to competently assemble elements and use marketing tools in prototypes and design.

We present the work with the design in three areas: the design of websites and mobile applications, the development of presentations, the development of promotional materials.

Design of websites and mobile applications

Development of Presentations

Development of promotional materials

Website design

This is the first thing that the user sees when entering the website. This is the first assessment of your visitors and competitors. Design development, as a rule, begins with prototyping the main pages.


The prototype is the basis for the future design, it is there that the layout of the blocks and basic elements begins.

Transition to design

After testing and approval of prototypes, the transition to design follows. The main task of the designer, in addition to the originality of the work is a competent choice of fonts and colors.

Logo creation and its development

The logo is the face of the company, its history, a unique, distinctive sign. Logo design is an effective tool for advertising and awareness of the company.

Creating a unique logo is not an easy task. This is the very first step to start with when opening a new business. We need to remember about the corporate identity of your company, namely: business cards and corporate branding. When meeting with clients or partners, the quality of your business card plays a big role. It emphasizes your status and company level.

Following the current trends, we will help you find uniqueness for you and your brand!

The right image makes money

Colors, original shapes and elements — all this is an identification system, the difference from other companies. The logo consists of illustration or symbol, graphic print design.

A professional logo is the key to recognizing and attracting new customers.

Corporate identity is one of the main marketing tools of the company, which for the client carries a sense of trust, guarantee and order. The style of the company must comply first of all with its industry and market positioning.

Following current trends,
We will help you find uniqueness for you and your brand!


Прозрачность — это все. Давайте проясним каждый шаг процесса.

Preparatory work

Подготовительная работа по анализу рынка и айдентики конкурентов, анализ целевой аудитории с задачей выявления особенностей ее визуального восприятия.

Logo concept development

What aspects of brand positioning should be reflected in the visual image of the brand?
Search for graphic images, symbols through which communication will be carried out.

Development of the final version

Creating a graphic composition, the choice of brand color palette, which together should create a unique and memorable visual image of the brand.

order registration

1. Download the brief

The brief is the first step to setting the main objectives and goals for the realization of your plans. This document indicates the key points and wishes of the future resource.

The brief will help our technical specialists to get acquainted with the information, give their recommendations and determine which product you need.

2. Send us a filled brief

Please provide us with as much detailed information as possible.

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