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Each our client receives an exclusive design. We do not use ready-made solutions and basic blocks. Our client can always be confident in the exclusivity and modernity of the design prepared by us.

Load time

Thanks to monitoring and optimization of the fronts of our websites — page size, rendering and loading time, the pages of your website open with lightning speed.

High conversion

The project will be set up to get a high conversion rate for your particular niche. We take care of high conversion.

Individual approach

Each client is assigned a personal manager who will accompany the client from the beginning to the end of the project.

Market analysis

We study the top issuing websites, paying attention to customers’ feedbacks who have made purchases from competitors, looking at forums, looking for benefits that can be used.

Maximum sales

We will help to get the most out of the market niche in which our clients work. All stages will be aimed at achieving the main goal — to force the page to sell successfully.

Landing Page

Transparency is everything. Let’s clarify each stage of the process.

Analysis of major competitors

We compile a list of the main competitors who occupy space on the first page of search results, actively use contextual advertising. Such a list will help to see your product in the way the buyer wants to see it.

Preparation of materials

No quality site will not be considered complete without the appropriate filling with materials. High-quality text written by an experienced professional copywriter, has a very great significance.

Design preparation

Most potential customers judge a company by their website. The way to make a first impression should not be underestimated. There may not simply be «the Second Chance»

Website layout

We guarantee the development of high-quality and effective resource. Therefore, we are ready to pledge that the components of the website and its functionality will work flawlessly.


Checking the performance of the website is able to show the user its convenience and consistency of the project, as well as the ease of searching the necessary information for it.

Connect analytics

Internet analytics is necessary for further business development in the right direction.

Site placement

The final stage of work is the transfer of a website to a server, the acquisition of a domain, or the binding of an old one.

Landing Page from 190$

One long selling page, spectacular design, the fastest loading, call-to-action buttons, feedback forms without unnecessary fields and reliable delivery of each application. The cost of developing a landing page may differ from the standard depending on what features your single-page site has.

Customer support

We will ensure trouble-free operation of the site. We’ll fix any mistake for free, for any revision we will offer options. Consultation on the site from 9 to 18.00 — 7 days a week.

Premium design

For a single-page site, design is very important like no one else. Landing usually has only one chance to interest and convince a visitor. Therefore, we will develop an impressive and professional design for you.

Domain and Hosting

Your website will be available 24⁄7, with high loading speeds and responsive design. There are branded servers on our hosting which are not allowed to make a mistake. Your landing page will work quickly and reliably!


7 days
  • from 400
  • BYN


25 days
  • from 1300
  • BYN

for business

15 days
  • from 900
  • BYN


30 days
  • from 100
  • BYN

Landing Quiz from 250$

Landing quiz will help to determine what the client really wants to receive, form a personal offer for him, take him to action, and make a deal.


You’ve probably got to the websites where you are offered to answer 6 questions and find out who you used to be in your past life, whether your karma is positive or negative, who you are from the cartoon characters, etc.

On the one hand – it’s a complete nonsense. But miraculously in 10 minutes you notice that you are already reading the result.
We will create a mini website for you that allows you to sell your product or service by passing an interesting test.


1. Download the brief

For a clearer definition of the goals facing the future website, it is necessary to fill in the questionnaire as detailed as possible.
This will help us quickly determine the price and terms of implementation.

2. Send us a filled brief

Please provide us with as much detailed information as possible.

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